NFIB/Illinois: Economic, Fiscal Reforms Top Agenda for Illinois General Assembly

Date: January 17, 2017

Grant: These are four bills small business owners should know about as session begins.

Dear NFIB/Illinois Member,

First let me start by saying I am honored to serve  IL NFIB members as your new state director. Our previous director set a high bar but I will do my best to represent your interests in Springfield.

2017 starts with a new general assembly, the 100th in Illinois’ history.  With half a fiscal year over and the stop gap budget expired, as well as state finances billions of dollars in arears, the number one priority is for the legislature and Governor Rauner to come to agreement on economic and fiscal reforms.

Also with the new year come new laws passed in 2016, some of which impact employers: 

PA 99-0860 creates the Illinois Freedom to Work Act that prohibits employers from entering into a covenant with any low-wage employee that would restrict that worker from new employment doing similar work; working in a certain geographic area; or a specified time frame. Low-wage worker is defined as a wage earner making the greater of the applicable minimum wage or $13 per hour.

PA 99-0765 amended the Victims Economic Security & Safety Act to require employers with one or more employees to allow an employee who has a family member or household member who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence up to four weeks of unpaid leave. 

 PA 99-0610 creates the Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act and would make it unlawful for an employer or prospective employer to request an employee/applicant to access a personal online account in the presence of the employer; or require that an employee/applicant invite the employer to join a group affiliated with any personal online account; or join an online account established by the employer.   

 PA 99-0841 creates the Employee Sick Leave Act allowing employees to use personal sick leave benefits for absences due to an illness, injury, or medical appointment of an employee’s direct family members. Employers who have policies that provide the required leave, such as personal time off, do not have to modify those policies. Employers are not required to provide new sick time leave.

 Mark Grant

State Director



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