An Update from Your NFIB/Texas Executive Director

Date: May 17, 2016 Last Edit: May 18, 2016

Newton: Sausage is being made.

An Update from Your NFIB/Texas Executive Director

As you may know, the Texas Legislature meets
every odd year beginning the first Tuesday in January and lasts for no more
than 140 days. Moreover, any legislation considered within the first 60 days of
the 140 day regular session is subject to a “point of order” — a
parliamentary procedure that essentially kills the measure — unless declared an
emergency issue by the governor. With many rules towards the end of session,
that limit debate on topics not moved out of committee or passed from either
the House or the Senate, there is limited time to actually pass bills into law.

 This is not a bad deal for those of us who spend
much time, effort, and energy killing anti-small business, pro-big-government
legislation that infringes on your ability to run your business, work with your
employees, and create good results for your customers, clients and ultimately
the economy. It can be a high hurdle for the “growth in government”
crowd that spends their time asking for government largess, handouts, and
special favors.

 Why do I bring this up? Simple…the legislative
priorities that are enacted during the short time allowed under the State
Constitution and the House and Senate Rules are being developed right now! In
the Interim, sausage is being made. All House and Senate committees are meeting
every week to discuss “interim charges,” which are issues set for
study and consideration by the presiding officers of the House of Representatives
(NFIB Guardian Award winner House Speaker Joe Straus) and the Lieutenant
Governor (NFIB Guardian Award winner Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick).

 NFIB/Texas has been front and center during
these high level meetings, delivering the small business message so that your
interests are being considered. Your NFIB team has been delivering testimonies
to several committees and meeting with elected and appointed state officials
and their staff to make certain that the NFIB message is heard loud and clear.
And our members and member activists are serious about their role in
maintaining a pro-small business Texas. Recently, several NFIB/Texas members
provided testimony to an interim committee seeking to lower business property
taxes and work with statewide elected officials in the process of promulgating
rules to implement a new law passed at NFIB’s request.

 Just wanted you to know that your NFIB/Texas
team is working hard to represent you in the “making of the sausage”
far away from the bright lights of the legislative session. It is important
work that should serve us well when the 85th Legislature convenes in early
January 2017.

Thanks for your membership with NFIB and for
putting your trust in us!

Will Newton

NFIB/Texas Executive Director 

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