NFIB Member business, Polymer Technologies, reached 25th anniversary this year

Date: December 30, 2014

“I believe you always need to
take stock of where you are and where you are heading,” said  NFIB member Bob Prybutok, President and
founder of Polymer Technologies.

This year Prybutok’s company has
reached a milestone; its 25th anniversary and he’s not looking back.
While he is pleased with his accomplishments, it’s in his nature to look
forward rather than reflect on the past.

“I built this business for my
family with a strong option to hand it down and have it be a legacy,” said
Prybutok, “As such, 25 years is not much considering there are companies that
have been around hundreds of years.”

Even though Prybutok may downplay
what’s he’s done over the past 25 years, he’s accomplished what many have not.
He has built a growing business from the ground up. Determined to start a
business, Prybutok spent six months assembling equipment and learning how to
make the product. He also dedicated a lot of time to line up investors to
supplement the money he had on hand and the money he had borrowed to make a go
at it.

“We could not afford to fail and
in the first couple of years we literally worked 90 plus hour weeks,” said
Prybutok. “Basically I slept four to six hours a night and worked while awake.
It was grueling.”

In addition to hard work, Prybutok
needed investors to get started. He said that the key to convincing investors
to sign on during what was considered a recession was his successful career in
manufacturing and a well written business plan. Prior to starting his own
business Prybutok was Vice President of a manufacturing company that was sold,
potentially forcing him to move out of state.

“I decided if I could build a
successful company for others I could do it for me and my family,” he said.

And that’s exactly what he has
done. Prybutok is proud of the fact that the business has been built using the
“Customer Intimacy” business philosophy. He said that focus, discipline and
hard work were necessary components of his family’s daily lives while growing
the business. Leaders of the business meet 3-4 times a year for strategic
planning which leads the businesses growth.

As a result of the company’s
dynamic growth they’ve been able to expand and construct a modern manufacturing
plant on four acres of land in Delaware. Polymer Technologies headquarters and
primary manufacturing facility consists of 86,000 sq ft in the Pencader
Corporate complex in Newark, Delaware. They also have locations in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Prybutok admits it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for him. “The major impediment to growing business in this
country, particularly manufacturing, is the overreach of government which has
impacted every facet of our business life,” he said.

But, because of his innovative
thinking and talent he’s found a way to survive despite government regulations
and he’s, of course, looking forward. 
“The next venture will be to bring compression molding technology in
house organically or through another well positioned acquisition or strategic
partnership,” he said.

Bob’s business, headquartered in Newark, Delaware, manufactures
Acoustical/Thermal Composite and Vibration Isolation products. To learn more
visit their website at

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