NFIB Supports Two Amendments to the PA Constitution on May 18th Ballot

Date: May 04, 2021

The past year has been incredibly difficult for small businesses across the country, and nowhere more so than in Pennsylvania. The COVID-19 pandemic and state government’s poorly managed response quickly turned a public health crisis into an economic calamity for hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the state.

Main Streets were shutdown only to be haphazardly reopened. Safety protocols, capacity limits, and operational restrictions were poorly communicated, confusing, and contradictory. Pandemic related rules and “essential” designations were applied arbitrarily based on industry, business size, and geography without stakeholder or legislative input. This can’t happen again.

That is why NFIB is supporting two amendments to the Pennsylvania State Constitution that will restore balance and accountability to state government, limit executive authority, and protect your small business in the future. When the voices of your elected legislative representatives are silenced, so is your voice!


These amendments would:

Authorize the General Assembly to terminate a governor’s disaster declaration by a majority vote in both chambers. (Amendment to Article III, Sec. 9)


Require legislative approval for the extension of a disaster declaration beyond 21 days. (Amendment to Article IV)

  • Currently, a governor can issue a 90-day emergency disaster declaration and renew it an unlimited number of times without legislative input. This would change the allowance for unlimited 90-day renewals of a disaster declaration by a governor.


How have pandemic-related shutdowns, restrictions, and executive actions impacted your business? Let us know and take action with this survey.

There are four ballot propositions to be decided by Pennsylvania voters on May 18, including three constitutional amendments. NFIB is only supporting two constitutional amendments (Article III, Section 9; Article IV) related to executive authority during declared states of emergency.

Learn more about Pennsylvania ballot proposals and constitutional amendments being decided by voters on May 18.

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