Poll Results of Colorado Small Business Owners Released

Date: December 17, 2020

Answers to four highway maintenance and construction questions highlight responses

DENVER, Dec. 17, 2020—Colorado’s largest and leading small-business association today released the results of a poll of its state membership to help provide the next session of the Colorado General Assembly some ideas as to where its Main Street enterprises stand.

“Some of the responses were of little surprise,” said Tony Gagliardi, Colorado state director for NFIB, “but we ask them anyway to gauge intensity of feeling. What I think of more interest are the answers to four questions (4-7) on highway maintenance and construction. Except for one, our members are certain in their opinions but there are signs of wiggle room if a legislative bill can be crafted and sold right.”

As it does every year, NFIB polls its members on state and federal issues affecting their right to own, operate, and grow their businesses. Unique among member associations, results from the annual polls center NFIB’s lobbying positions in Denver and in Washington, D.C. The 2021 Colorado state member ballot asked seven questions.

1. Should businesses be protected from frivolous and unmerited COVID-related lawsuits?
Yes 98.26 %
No 0.87 %
Undecided 0.87 %

2. Should Colorado conform its tax law with federal tax law to prevent the taxation of forgiven PPP loan funds?
Yes 90.03 %
No 4.69 %
Undecided 5.28 %

3. Should the Colorado legislature eliminate selected business tax credits and exemptions to balance the state budget?
Yes 4.96 %
No 81.63 %
Undecided 13.41 %

4. Would you support a fee on all electric vehicles if all revenue collected were exclusively for highway maintenance and construction?
Yes 61.83 %
No 30.18 %
Undecided 7.99 %

5. Would you support increasing the fuel tax by .10 per gallon if all revenues collected were exclusively for highway maintenance and construction?
Yes 28.74 %
No 65.69 %
Undecided 5.57 %

6. Would you support bonding if all revenues collected were exclusively for highway maintenance and construction?
Yes 35.71 %
No 42.56 %
Undecided 21.73 %

7. Would you support road usage tax, commonly referred to as a vehicle miles traveled tax (VMT) if all revenues collected were exclusively for highway maintenance and construction?
Yes 12.06 %
No 78.24 %
Undecided 9.71 %

Contact: Tony Gagliardi, Colorado State Director, [email protected],
or Tony Malandra, Senior Media Manager, [email protected]

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