Poll: Almost Unanimous Opposition to Amendment 69

Date: June 17, 2016

DENVER, Colo., June 17, 2016—Results from a special poll released today by the Colorado office of the National Federation of Independent Business might not surprise regular watchers of government and politics, but the depth of opposition to Amendment 69 on this November’s ballot raised more than a few eyebrows.
“Our members are fed up with the mess state and federal governments have made with health care, and they see Amendment 69 as potentially the mother of all messes,” said Tony Gagliardi, NFIB’s Colorado state director. “The cost of providing health care for their employees, and in many cases, for themselves as well, has been small-business owners’ top worry for the last 30 years, according to NFIB polls. A brief look back shows why: federal prohibitions against banding together across state lines in order to form the same purchasing pools big businesses are allowed; forever more state mandates on health-care plans that drive up the cost of premiums, putting them further out of reach of small-business affordability; the Obamacare difficulties, which Amendment 69, if not the corrective, is testimony to its many manifest failures (why the need if Obamacare delivered what it promised?); the prohibition under Obamacare against employers contributing to health insurance employees purchase on their own; and the big problems with Colorado’s health-care exchange. On and on I could go. Our members have no trust in government to help them, and there’s ample evidence for feeling that way. It’s not hard to see why they are hugely apprehensive about the special branch of government Amendment 69 would create and the cost of running a single-payer system that starts out the size of our entire state’s budget.”
NFIB/Colorado’s special poll was emailed or faxed to nearly 5,000 members, based on their preference, and the results, which are still coming in, released after a statistically valid sample reached. The poll asked two questions:
Should Amendment 69, which amends the Colorado Constitution by raising taxes $25 billion to create a new healthcare financing system available to all Colorado residents, be approved by Colorado voters in November?
Yes 2 percent
No 98 percent
Undecided 0
Should NFIB/Colorado become involved in this issue based on the results of this ballot?
Yes 93 percent
No 3 percent
Undecided 4 percent.
For more than 70 years, the National Federation of Independent Business has been the Voice of Small Business, taking the message from Main Street to the halls of Congress and all 50 state legislatures. NFIB annually surveys its members on state and federal issues vital to their survival as America’s economic engine and biggest creator of jobs. NFIB’s educational mission is to remind policymakers that small businesses are not smaller versions of bigger businesses; they have very different challenges and priorities.
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