What AZ Regulations Would You Cut?

Date: January 31, 2017

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Gov. Doug Ducey announced his priorities for the upcoming year in his State of the State address and a budget proposal last month.

The State of the State speech focused heavily on education, but Ducey also talked about how regulations can prevent businesses from growing or hiring. He asked business owners to send ideas on what Arizona rules could be eliminated to a new website, RedTape.AZ.gov.

“We need to hear directly from the people making the decisions—our job creators,” he said. “Help us find these job-killing regulations hidden all throughout government.”

Ducey’s goal is to eliminate 500 regulations by the end of the year.

Another priority the governor discussed: cutting some state licensing fees for low-income residents.

“Perhaps they want to be a barber or general contractor or X-ray technician,” he said. “Why stand in their way with another tax, another fee—sometimes hundreds of dollars—before they can start earning a living?”

Ducey’s budget proposal dealt heavily with education. But it also calls for adjusting the personal exemption on income tax to match inflation.

That small change would mean Arizona taxpayers would pay about $2.8 million less in taxes a year, reported the Arizona Republic, citing statistics from the governor.

Sen. Debbie Lesko told the newspaper that the change makes sense. “I think it fits with the fiscal landscape we have,” she said.

Ducey’s State of the State also touted Arizona as “open for business.”

“We know the best route to a better life for an individual and their family—a good paying and rewarding job. It’s why we’ve been so focused on job creation these first two years. And in that time, we’ve seen more than 100,000 private-sector jobs land in our state.”

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