NFIB Arizona Member Profile: Ginia Lucas of Y-Knot Party and Rentals

Date: March 16, 2015

Determination has kept her family business alive for 32 years.

As a leader in the event industry, Ginia Lucas knows how to
throw a great party for any occasion. This second-generation small business
owner talks about her family’s dedication to the company over the past 32

Name: Ginia Lucas

Business: Y-Knot
Party and Rentals

Location: Mesa,

Employees: 18

What has surprised you
about running your business?

I think that you start a business because it’s sort of a hobby.
We started out because we liked doing crafts, pretty much, and I’m surprised at
how it grew and changed. We actually started as a small flower and gift shop,
and now we are one of the top five rental shops in the Phoenix area.

What do you think are
some of the reasons for your business’ longevity?

Determination. Most of our family works here—actually five or
six family members work for us out of those 18 [employees]. It’s just
determination to make sure that we thrive. For our livelihood, at this point,
we don’t have other options.

What makes Arizona a
good place to do business?

I think that small businesses thrive a little better here. Even
with Phoenix being one of the largest cities in the country, we don’t have a
big-city mentality.

What do you most enjoy
about running your own business?

The people. We do parties for a living, and the people who come
in here are excited and happy. It makes my day enjoyable when I can bring their
ideas to fruition. I feel like I get a little pat on the back every day when
things come out right.

What advice would you
give other small business owners?

Stay the course. It’s easy to feel like you can quit if things
aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like. Make sure you have some backup plan.
Put a little bit away for yourself, and if you need to draw on that at a later
date, you can make it through the tough times.

What have you not yet
achieved that you would like to?

I’d like to write a book about the event business. That’s on my
bucket list, actually. 

What is the greatest advantage
of being an NFIB member?

Having a voice in Washington that I would never have had
before. Having someone ready to fight the fight. 

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