2014 Legislative Wrap-Up Report

Date: April 29, 2014

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Winning a Small Business Bill of Rights was NFIB’s crowning achievement in the 2014 session of the Arizona Legislature, but many other significant, pro-small-business victories were also achieved. See below.

State Regulators on Notice to Respect Small-Business Owners’ Due Process Rights During Audits, Inspections

NFIB/Arizona-written legislation sponsored by state Rep. Tom Forese (pictured above) from Chandler makes real progress to end the pernicious practice of “regulator bullying” employed by some state inspectors, auditors and enforcement officers against small-business owners. 
The Small Business Bill of Rights legislation, signed into law as House Bill 2260, requires each state agency that conducts audits, inspections or other regulatory enforcement actions to create and post on their website a Small Business Bill of Rights outlining the due process rights of small businesses and specify the information and notice requirements for all licenses, fees, inspections, rulemaking and written comments to which small businesses are entitled. These disclosures must contain all pertinent rights as noted in the statutes and agency rules including the process for a small-business owner to file a complaint against an agency. Also, for the first time, these due process rights are extended to small-business owners subject to audits from the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) and the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Office of Employment and Rehabilitation Services that administers unemployment insurance claims.

Passage of a Small Business Bill of Rights was NFIB/Arizona’s top legislative priority this session based largely on an overwhelming mandate from our members as shown in results from the 2014 Arizona State Ballot. That pre-session survey found 94 percent of small-business owners responding in favor of greater disclosure of a small-business owner’s due process rights during an audit, inspection or other state regulatory enforcement action. Only 2 percent opposed more disclosure and 4 percent were unsure.

Other Big NFIB Victories

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Big Tax Changes Won For Small Business

  • Reduced Sales Tax Reporting Requirements
  • State Income Tax Bracket-Creep Repealed for 2014
  • No More Back-Door Property Taxation
  • Leading The Way On Section 179 Expensing

Criminal Background Checks, Licensure For Obamacare Navigators

UI Changes Won; Contractors Protected

  • Double-Dipping on Severance Pay and Unemployment Benefits Ended
  • One Tax Man is Enough, Registrar of Contractors Made to Stay in Their Lane

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… makes real progress to end the pernicious practice of ‘regulator bullying’ employed by some state inspectors, auditors and enforcement officers against small business owners. 

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