Continue Progress on Cutting Unnecessary Regulations

Date: November 28, 2015 Last Edit: January 05, 2016

Small Business Challenges in 2016

Continue Progress on Cutting Unnecessary Regulations

Much progress has been made in improving Michigan’s regulatory policy and recognizing its impact on the overall business climate for our state. With the support of the Snyder administration and the legislature, efforts have focused on establishing a clear and convincing need standard and procedure when considering any rule that exceeds Federal standards. In addition, the practice of commissions and agencies acting outside of legislative intent has been restricted and some commissions that were primarily fronts for labor union advocates have been eliminated.

In 2015, NFIB was successful in pushing for legislation that would end criminal sanctions for honest mistakes and unintentional violations of rules and regulations. With the passage of Public Act 250 of 2015, small family owned businesses will no longer find themselves facing criminal prosecution for minor state paperwork violations or running afoul of a state rule or regulation without any knowledge or intent to do wrong.

In 2016, NFIB will be supporting legislation to require state agencies to pay the court costs of a small business that prevails in a court dispute over rules.

However, new threats are always on the horizon such as recent efforts to require businesses to install software monitoring systems that report transaction data directly to the Michigan Department of Treasury. NFIB will pursue additional opportunities to lighten the regulatory burden on Michigan small business.


Many of the problems faced by Michigan small business owners are the result of misguided rules and regulations. Although these rules come from laws that enable state agencies to develop them, there is often a serious disconnect between what the Legislature intended in the law and what the state agency actually requires via the subsequent rules. In some cases, state agencies abuse the rules process to implement policies they, or advocates, are unable to pass in the legislature.

NFIB is actively working on solutions that would make state agencies accountable to elected lawmakers rather than having unelected bureaucrats operating behind the scenes with accountability to no one. These efforts will continue in 2015 at both the state and federal level.

NFIB Victories and efforts in stopping unnecessary and costly regulations and reforming current regs:

Halting Criminal Sanctions for Unintentional Violations of Rules and Regulations

Ending “Pay to Play” Court Prepayment of Disputed Liability

Wage Garnishment Reforms

MIOSHA Ergonomics Rules

Worthless MIOSHA Commissions Eliminated

Small Truck DOT Number Requirement Repeal

EPA Woodstove Ban

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