2021 Small Business Challenges in the Idaho Legislature

Date: February 11, 2021

Four issues of immediate concern will focus NFIB’s lobbying efforts

A new session of the Idaho Legislature convened January 11 with a targeted adjournment date of March 26. The following are the top four small-business issues NFIB has prioritized.
Making Liability Protection Permanent

During the 2020 special session, NFIB lobbied extensively for the successful passage of liability protection against unfair COVID lawsuits filed against small businesses. House Bill 6 states that “a person is immune from civil liability for damages or an injury resulting from exposure of coronavirus,” but it “shall not apply … tor willful or reckless conduct.” HB 6 expires July 1, 2021. NFIB is working to make the law permanent.

Conforming State Tax Law to Federal Government’s on PPP loans

Federal tax law generally defines gross income as income from whatever source derived, except as specifically excluded. Last year Congress excluded loans given to businesses under the Paycheck Protect Act from being considered part of gross income. NFIB will lobby to bring Idaho’s tax treatment of covered Paycheck Protection Program loans into conformity with federal tax laws.

Stopping a Sales Tax on Services

One group is looking to expand the state sales tax to include labor and services, claiming it will raise $769 million. In the last NFIB Idaho Member Ballot, 95% of small-business owners are opposed to the idea.

Defeating a Local Option Tax

A proposal to give local governments the power to levy their own sales taxes crops up almost every session of the Legislature. NFIB has succeeded in helping defeat prior attempts and will work to do so again. NFIB members, through their ballots, have consistently opposed adding another layer of taxation, bookkeeping, and a crazy quilt of compliance requirements.

Monitoring the Following for Potential Impact on Small Business
  • Health insurance
  • Unemployment insurance taxes
  • Workers’ compensation premiums
  • Transportation funding
  • Property taxes
  • Business personal property taxes
  • Business licensing


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