2019 Challenges in the Oregon State Legislature

Date: October 11, 2018

Restoring tax savings from federal tax reform a top priority

A new session of the Oregon Legislature opens for business Jan. 14, 2019, with some immediate challenges for small business.

Fighting Back Against Efforts Undo Tax Savings from Federal Tax Reform
During the 2018 session, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that is estimated to generate well over $1 billion in revenue for the state over the next several years by “disconnecting” our state income tax code from the new 20 percent federal deduction for pass-through business income. The bill, SB 1528, passed on the slimmest of margins with bipartisan opposition in both the House and the Senate, without the required three-fifths supermajority necessary to pass a revenue-raising bill. NFIB is working to repeal this legislation and to limit future tax increases by supporting a ballot measure to expand the three-fifths vote requirement to all legislative efforts to increase taxes and fees.

Protecting Our Small Business Tax Rates
In 2013, NFIB helped secure a new small business tax classification with a starting rate of 7 percent, down from 9.9 percent, a significant tax reduction for qualified small businesses. NFIB is working to keep that special rate and expand the pool of “qualified” small businesses while others are looking to restrict its future use – or completely repeal it.

Opposing Employer-Paid Family Leave Mandates
NFIB is working to oppose all efforts to implement a new employer-paid family and medical leave mandate on Oregon’s small businesses. Paid sick time, minimum wage and other recently adopted mandates are already cutting into the bottom line for far too many small employers.

Defeating Energy Cost Increases
NFIB stands with our allies and coalitions to push back and defeat efforts to grow government on the backs of small-business owners, including proposals to create a cap-and-trade system, requiring businesses to buy carbon allowances from the state and raising energy prices.

Stopping BOLI’s “Cease and Desist” Authority to Penalize an Employer Without Due Process
After failing in 2015, efforts continue by labor unions and others for an anti-employer bill that will allow a priority lien on the employer’s real and personal property within the state of Oregon. Another push authorizes the Commissioner of BOLI to issue temporary “cease and desist orders.” This could potentially shut down all or a portion of a business without due process upon BOLI’s “reason to believe,” and force a business owner into expensive legal processes to have the order removed.

Passing Balanced Budget Amendment
We must balance our personal budgets. By state constitution, Oregon must balance its budget. We believe it is time for the federal government to do the same. To this end, NFIB is joining forces with like-minded legislators and groups to pass a state resolution based on Article V of the U.S. Constitution. This would call for a Convention of States to force an amendment requiring Congress to balance the federal budget.

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