2019 Challenges in the Colorado General Assembly

Date: June 14, 2018

NFIB will look to revisit three issues left uncompleted from last session

A 72nd session of the Colorado General Assembly will open for business on January 9, 2019, and will work for two years on legislation. NFIB will be there to re-vitalize three issues left unfinished from the last session.

Regulatory Reform
Last year, NFIB efforts to win some regulatory relief for small businesses again ran into opposition from the House leadership, labor, the Sierra Club, and Trout Unlimited. House Bill 1113 would have required state agencies to allow 30 days for a small business to fix a first-time offense of a minor violation. Right now, agencies have the discretion to allow 30 days but seldom use it. HB 1113 would have put the fixed period in statute for new rules established within the last 12 months for violations that do not endanger the life or safety of the public. NFIB will make a new version of HB 1113 a top priority in 2019.

Independent Contractor Status
There has been much talk and speculation about how the emerging “gig economy” is transforming the way people work and support themselves and their families. Last year’s Senate Bill 179 was another attempt to clarify the means in which one is classified an independent contractor when working through a Market Based Platform (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc.). Led by the Colorado AFL-CIO, SEIU and 9to5, pressure was applied on members of the House of Representatives to stop the legislation. Their efforts resulted in another year of uncertainty in the determination of employment status for those who chose to work for themselves. NFIB will continue its fight to protect independent contractors.

Business Personal Property Tax
While some strides have been made over the years to lessen the burden on small business owners concerning the payment of Business Personal Property Tax on depreciable equipment, more needs to be done. Various bills attempting to provide an actual exemption from reporting and payment to elimination of the tax in general were discussed. The attempts failed due to the split houses in the Legislature. Bills were cheered and passed in the Republican-controlled Senate only to be vilified and killed in the Democratic-controlled House. NFIB will continue its campaign for complete elimination of the BBP tax.

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