The Good, Bad, and Ugly Bills of 2021

Date: July 16, 2021

California Legislature is now seven months into its two-year session

Many bills could be included under the Good, Bad, and Ugly categories. Below are the Top Three best and worst. For a full list of legislation NFIB is fighting for and against, click here.


  • NFIB helped win passage of Assembly Bill 80, which partially conforms state tax law to the federal government’s regarding the forgivability of PPP loans. It’s now law.
  • NFIB was a key proponent of Assembly Bill 150 that creates an elective tax that pass-through entities can use to work around the State and Local Tax (SALT) limitation. It’s now law.
  • NFIB opposed Assembly Bill 995, which would have nearly doubled the requirement to provide paid sick leave from three days per year to five days per year. Sent to the legislative inactive file.


  • Senate Bill 95 was signed into law. It mandates the addition of up to 80 hours of employer-paid COVID-19 sick leave. And it’s retroactive to January 1, 2021.
  • Assembly Bill 1003 would have added the charge of grand theft to the law on wage theft. Status: NFIB helped win key amendments clarifying what may be punishable.
  • Assembly Bill 570, sought to allow dependent parents and stepparents to be added to employer-sponsored health plans. NFIB helped win amendments diluting costs.


  • Senate Bill 606 establishes a rebuttable presumption that an employer who has multiple worksites has committed an enterprise-wide violation. In Assembly Appropriations Committee.
  • Senate Bill 335 would increase workers’ compensation costs by reducing the time an employer has to deny liability for a workers’ compensation claim from 90 to 45 days. Failed passage in Assembly Insurance Committee.
  • Assembly Bill 654 would blacklist businesses by requiring the state Dept. of Public Health to publish a list of every workplace where a COVID-19 outbreak has occurred. Will be considered in August.

For more detail on the above and to see all NFIB-monitored bills, click here. And click here for a printable pdf of this list.

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