The Good, Bad, and Ugly Bills of 2021

Date: July 16, 2021

The first half of the two-year session ended September 10

The 2021 half of the two-year session ended September 10. Lawmakers return Jan. 3, 2022, for the second half. Below are the Top Three good, bad, and ugly pieces of legislation. For a full list of the 35 bills NFIB supported and opposed, click here.


  • NFIB helped stop two vaccine amendments calling for mandatory testing and extending paid sick leave in the draft stage before they could be put into Assembly Bills 455 and 1102.

  • NFIB helped win passage of Assembly Bill 80, which partially conforms state tax law to the federal tax law regarding the forgivability of PPP loans. It’s now law.
  • NFIB was a key proponent of Assembly Bill 150 that creates an elective tax that pass-through entities can use to work around the State and Local Tax (SALT) limitation. Now law.


  • Assembly Bill 1003 allows the intentional theft of wages of greater than $950 from any one employee or $2,350 from two or more employees in any consecutive 12-month period to be punished as grand theft. Signed into law.
  • Senate Bill 606 establishes a rebuttable presumption that an employer who has multiple worksites has committed an enterprise-wide violation. Signed into law.
  • Senate Bill 95 was also signed into law. It mandated the addition of up to 80 hours of employer-paid COVID-19 sick leave and was made retroactive to January 1, 2021. The law expired on September 30.


  • Senate Bill 335 would have increased workers’ compensation costs by reducing the time an employer has to deny liability for a workers’ compensation claim from 90 to 45 days. Failed passage in Assembly Insurance Committee.

  • Assembly Bill 654 would have blacklisted businesses by requiring the state Dept. of Public Health to publish a list of every workplace where a COVID-19 outbreak has occurred. NFIB and its coalition partners succeeded in getting blacklisting removed before the bill was signed into law.
  • Assembly Bill 995, would have nearly doubled the requirement to provide paid sick leave. Currently on the inactive file.

For more detail on the above and to see all NFIB-monitored bills, click here. 


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