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Date: December 25, 2019

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The California Consumer Privacy Act took effect Jan. 1, 2020, with enforcement taking effect July 1. NFIB California is campaigning to remind small businesses that the law’s $25 million in annual sales threshold does not put them out of harm’s way. Other aspects of the law, which NFIB is lobbying to amend, can ensnare Main Street enterprises in its net. Now, a proposed ballot initiative, the California Privacy Rights Act, would go further than the CCPA. This web page serves as a central repository for all of NFIB California’s web stories, news releases, guest editorials, media coverage, lobbying activities, member meetings, and webinars. This page will be updated periodically with the latest information.

From 2020
  • Politico California, June 12—Coverage of the testimony State Director John Kabateck gave to the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee about small businesses’ worries over the California Privacy Rights Act that is planned for the November ballot.
  • The Phil Cowan Show, AM 1380, Sacramento, June 11—State Director John Kabateck warns of the small-business perils in the California Privacy Rights Act. Kabateck’s 14-minute interview starts at the 1:34:58 mark.
  • Fox&Hounds, May 20—State Director John Kabateck pens a guest editorial calling on backers the California Privacy Rights Act to withdraw their ballot initiative.
  • NFIB Web Story, May 15—Act Now to Save Your Online Tools. Sign the Letter. Let Governor Newsom know it is the wrong time to demand changes in digital technology operations and business models.
  • The Epoch Times, May 12—State Director John Kabateck says ballot initiative aimed at further burdening businesses with data privacy regulations is coming at the worst possible times.
  • NFIB Web Story, May 5—Business Leaders ask Mactaggart to Drop Initiative. “We implore you to consider the human and financial costs … and withdraw the initiative from the November 2020 ballot.”
  • NFIB Web Story, March 29—NFIB Co-Signs Letter to Attorney General Over CCPA Regulations. Compliance made even more impossible because of the coronavirus.
  • Small Business Data Privacy Committee, March 27—Letter to attorney general’s office calling for the withdrawal of proposed regulations on the California Consumer Privacy Act in light of the coronavirus crisis.
  • The Epoch Times, January 17—In a story about California’s new data privacy law, reporter Chris Karr quotes State Director John Kabateck as saying “the biggest problem for small and medium-sized businesses is the sheer lack of knowledge of what is required from them in 2020.”
  • California Globe, January 16—Reporter Katy Grimes interviews State Director John Kabateck about the many components of the California Consumer Privacy Act that most people are still unaware of.

  • The Phil Cowan Show, KTKZ-AM 1380, Sacramento, January 13—State Director John Kabateck briefs the host’s audience on how the California Consumer Privacy Act will affect them.

From 2019
  • Citizens Journal, December 23—NFIB news release on a panel discussion about the California Consumer Privacy Act’s impact on small business gets coverage in Ventura County online news site.
  • Sacramento Business Journal, December 19—State Director John Kabateck talks about efforts to make the California Consumer Privacy Act easier for small businesses to comply with.

  • Northern California Record, December 12—State Director John Kabateck tells publication the “tragic reality” is that a majority of small-business owners are still unaware and unprepared for the Jan. 1, 2020 start date of the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • CalWatchdog, November 12—NFIB’s efforts to have the California Consumer Privacy Act amended before it takes effect January 1, 2020 noted in the article.
  • Oregon Business Report, August 20—NFIB’s news release on the need to fix the California Consumer Privacy Act gets picked up in a surrounding state publication.
  • NFIB Web Story, August 12—NFIB urges fix in the California Consumer Privacy Act—Now!
  • CalMatters, August 12—Online news site publishes a guest commentary by State Director John Kabateck on the urgent need for the Legislature to fix the California Consumer Privacy Act before it takes effect, Jan. 1, 2020.
  • Capitol Weekly, May 14—State Director John Kabateck pens an editorial on the urgent need to legislatively refine the California Consumer Privacy Act before it takes effect in 2020.

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