Friends in High Places: NFIB Small Business Legal Center Gains Historic Supreme Court Ranking

Date: May 01, 2013

Dan Danner

Thirteen years ago, NFIB established a new foundation, built to fight for small business in the nation’s courts. We knew that more and more battles of great importance to our membership were being waged there, so we set a course that we hoped would, someday, take us all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

We have already achieved that original – and admittedly lofty – goal with NFIB v. Sebelius – the case that came awfully close to shredding President Obama’s healthcare law.

While that loss was disappointing, it remains true that, in today’s world of over-regulation and big-brother-style government, small business can have no better friend than the NFIB Small Business Legal Center – a friend that doesn’t shrink from defending free enterprise in the hallowed chambers of America’s judicial branch.
As a matter of fact, we’ve been taking the fight to the highest court so much that the popular online legal report “SCOTUSblog” (Supreme Court of the United States Blog), recently ranked NFIB as the nation’s ninth most active legal champion – solidly within the coveted ranks of what SCOTUSblog calls the “Sweet Sixteen” of organizations found regularly making a strong case for justice. 

While it’s great to be recognized as a fierce contender in the most important legal ring in America, it’s a title we wish we didn’t have to earn. But this administration has been particularly relentless in its re-interpretation of the Constitution to the detriment of your business, making the Legal Center busier than ever.

We’re going toe-to-toe with big government, filing briefs to support your concerns over every challenge from frivolous lawsuits to pro-union workplace posters, from preventing arbitrary taking of private property which will make it harder for your employees to raise unsubstantiated claims against your business. 

There is no doubt that all of you – America’s job creators – are in the crosshairs of politicians that don’t appreciate the rule of law. That’s why it’s crucial that you have the NFIB Small Business Legal Center at your side—a friend that will argue powerfully for you in the courts.

Read more about the work the Legal Center does on your behalf.

Dan Danner

Dan Danner
President and CEO, NFIB

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