An Update from Your NFIB Indiana State Director

Date: January 15, 2018


You may be wondering this as each day seems to bring a new rash of accusations and revelations of misdeeds in Hollywood, in our government and in corporate America.  Although I’m a self-identified Pollyanna who generally looks to the bright side, I must admit that these reports of ethics violations, sexual harassment, pedophilia (good heavens!), pay-to-play, etc., are beginning to get to me.  

Nearly ten years ago, I named this monthly membership letter “Capitol Capers.”  It was intended to be a cute tongue-and-cheek title designed to grab your attention.  But lately, “Capitol Capers” seems uncomfortably close to the truth.

Remember “Fred” from last week?  If you recall, Fred is angry about almost everything in DC and is venting on Facebook.  He rants about the current administration, Congress and just about anyone who has ever been elected to public office.  In Fred’s eyes, anyone in a position of power in DC is corrupt, greedy and self-serving.  I’ve grown incredibly weary of Fred’s posts and I have been considering un-friending Fred.

Remember me, the always positive Ms. Pollyanna?  Well, with all the negative stories coming out daily, I’m beginning to think Fred may have a point.  Is he right? No, he’s not.  But with the daily deluge of nasty accusations, confessions and terminations in the news, it is not surprising that one who has no personal experience in politics or the corporate world would think that most politicians are evil or worthless.  With a media environment that values only the negative and shocking, it is little wonder that folks like Fred are enraged.  And so the “Freds” of the world turn to social media which further emphasizes the notion that all those in power are sleazes.

When I begin to feel like “Fred,” I must remind myself that I have worked with many folks who are in Congress or are serving in other levels of government and most of them go into public service for the right reasons. I have many years of experience working as an advocate for small business and, while they may not always agree with me, the majority are quality people trying to do the right thing for their constituents.  It’s the lousy minority that give all a bad image when viewed through the very negative news and social media lens where shocking and outrageous rule the headlines and good news stories are left on the cutting room floor.  

And so, small business owners, please don’t despair.  Hang in there with this Pollyanna.  The good guys will ultimately prevail.  Our system of government… a system that is the best in the world and has worked for over 200 years… will continue to work and weed out the bad apples.

So…is everyone in power a sleaze?

The answer is a resounding ‘NO.”


Barbara Quandt Underwood

A/K/A Pollyanna

Indiana State Director

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