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NFIB payrollNo matter the size of a company, an organized, efficient payroll process is a necessary evil. However, it does not necessarily need to be evil. Working with the right insurance broker, payroll provider or online program helps the payroll process move quickly, accurately and, most importantly, painlessly.

Here’s what you should know about outsourcing payroll:

1. It’s a time-saver.

Knowledgeable, experienced providers handle the cumbersome in’s and out’s of the payroll process, including every detail like tax penalties and tax filings, so you are able to focus more diligently on your business.

2. It’s direct.

There is no middleman when it comes to resolving tax notices. Payroll experts work directly with tax authorities at all government levels so any tax issues subside quickly.

3. It’s customizable.

There is no one single way to process your payroll method. Payroll is easily managed through phone, fax, PC or online; the choice is yours.

4. It’s adaptable.

No company is too big, too small or too complex. Whether you are a company of one, single-handedly running each and every department of your small business, or you are one of 300, outsourcing your payroll is a smooth and effortless process.

5. It’s worry-free.

So much of managing payroll is complex, detailed and time-consuming. It’s also a fragile part of your business that can’t afford mistakes or be ignored. Employees need to be accurately compensated and paid on time. When delegating your payroll to qualified specialists who solely focus on managing every part of the payroll process, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  

Consider lightening the workload and entrust your payroll to a provider with a strong customer service department, reputable track record and high customer ratings. It’s time to cut yourself some slack. 

NFIB Payroll allows business owners to focus on their business without worrying about payroll and tax laws.  Learn more about the savings available to NFIB members. 

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