How 30 Years of Fly-Ins Made One NFIB Member a Better Business Owner

Date: July 15, 2019

NFIB member Jim Henderson says the Fly-In taught him how to shape small business policy.

On July 17, NFIB held its annual D.C. Fly-In event—a chance for small business owners to educate members of Congress on critical issues.

This year’s topics included the importance of cosponsoring the Main Street Tax Certainty Act to permanently extend the Small Business Deduction; the detrimental effect of the Raise the Wage Act, such as increased labor costs on small business owners; and how the Corporate Transparency Act of 2019 will increase the paperwork burden on small business owners.

For NFIB member Jim Henderson, owner and president of Dynamic Sales Co Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri, NFIB’s annual D.C. Fly-In event is more than just an opportunity to visit Capitol Hill—it is an opportunity to shape small business policy.

The Voice of Small Business

As a second-generation owner and NFIB member, Henderson has participated in the annual Fly-In events over the past 30 years. Why? It makes a difference when lawmakers hear firsthand from the people they represent, he says.

“As a result of my association with NFIB, I had the privilege of meeting with Vice President Mike Pence when he came to St. Louis in 2017,” says Henderson. “I got to speak with him directly about the taxes small business was facing. I also shared that with lawmakers on the Hill when I flew in for the D.C. Fly-In and let them know that we needed some relief.”

Through the efforts of small business owners like Henderson and NFIB, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. The law has provided much-needed tax relief for small business.

For Henderson, tax relief continues to make a difference. “Tax relief brought my taxes down from 43% to 25%—that’s huge,” says Henderson. “I can take that money and reinvest it in the company and employees, and I can hire more people. I’ve already done all three of those things.”

Bringing the Fly-In Home

The D.C. Fly-In also has helped Henderson educate his employees on the top issues facing small businesses.

“If they understand that I’m going up there to keep things favorable for the business climate, then they are more appreciative of my efforts,” says Henderson. “It allows me to say [how key issues] affect our business directly and, in turn, them directly, and why I’m willing to take time away from my business to attend these events.”

Tips from a Pro

For new or existing members attending their first Fly-In, Henderson suggests contacting NFIB in your state to ensure that you’re meeting the right people—before and after the event.

NFIB state directors and grassroots managers can provide you with important information on key issues, says Henderson. By leaning on NFIB to educate you on issues you may not know a lot about, you’re then able to make the case to elected officials to support small business.

Want to get more involved with NFIB and possibly attend in-person events like this in the future? Customize your member profile here.

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