The One Marketing Strategy Everybody's Using

Date: March 31, 2016 Last Edit: April 07, 2016

There’s always some new “it” trend, but most owners are relying on an old staple—and seeing a lot of success.

There’s one campaign that seemingly every business owner is glued to right now. No, not that one. It’s email marketing. 

Three-quarters of all small businesses use the strategy, and 83 percent of owners plan to increase their email marketing use this year, according to a recent survey from AWeber, an email marketing provider. 

What should you say in a marketing email? How often should you post? What could “SoLoMo” possibly even mean? Check out NFIB’s email marketing resource center for these answers and more. 

Among the survey’s findings: 

  • 81 percent say email marketing is very important to future business growth. 
  • 91 percent fulfill their marketing needs themselves. 
  • 30 percent attribute more than a quarter of their overall business revenue to email marketing. 

Future Marketing Plans

Here is what respondents said about what they’re trying to achieve: 

  • 45 percent of owners say automation (“automating emails based off of subscriber actions and attributes”) is the strategy they’re most excited to try. 
  • The top three areas where businesses are trying to devote their energies: subscriber growth, converting subscribers into paying buyers and raising the level of engagement they get from their subscribers.

“I think what’s most telling about the survey responses is business owners’ focus on automation and engaging with subscribers,” said Tom Tate, product marketing manager at AWeber, in a post about the findings. AWeber sent out the survey to more than 100,000 of its small business owner subscribers, of which 1,600 responded. 

Owners would also be wise to make sure their emails are mobile friendly, are light on images, and include links that are easy to see and click, according to Paul de Fombelle in a post on PR Toolkit about design-friendly email marketing campaigns

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