NFIB's Voter Guide: Help Main Street Recover And Thrive

Date: October 15, 2020

NFIB members only: Voter guides help small business make a big impact

Small business is on the ballot on November 3rd. Small business owners across America must come together to create a groundswell of support for candidates who will do what’s right for our economy and country.

Every small business owner has a part to play. NFIB is here to help you make the best political decision for your business.

NFIB has published a Voter Guide for small businesses in every state. Accessible only to NFIB members, this guide can help you make informed election decisions and inspire others to be a #SmallBizVoter. The more Small Business Voters in your community, the more this election will lead to policies that help small business.

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While the NFIB Voter Guide is always important, this year it is especially so. It comes at a time when small businesses have dealt with unprecedented challenges, from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to government-mandated shutdowns. After a year of such difficulty, small businesses need elected officials who will provide the relief and freedom that Main Street needs to recover and thrive.

NFIB CEO Brad Close described the stakes in this election:

“At all levels, the contrast in the 2020 election couldn’t be more clear. Lowering taxes or raising them, reducing red tape or imposing more government mandates, and whether to focus on the small business side of the economy or focus on large corporations and wall street. With so much at stake, we need every American to be a Small Business Voter this year.”

Each Voter Guide provides state-specific information on ways and when to vote, NFIB’s state and federal PAC-endorsed candidate list, and much more. Perhaps now more than ever, it is essential that business owners look at the candidates for every office, at every level, from the perspective of a #SmallBizVoter. Candidates listed in the voter guide have received NFIB’s endorsement after the deliberation of a committee of small business owners. This grassroots process is designed to ensure that small business needs are front and center.

NFIB Voter Guides have already been mailed to members nationwide. If you don’t have your copy, download it today at

If you would like an NFIB Voter Guide but are not an NFIB member, sign up for NFIB membership today. You’ll gain access to the Voter Guide and many other benefits, both in the build-up to the election and beyond.

Now is also the time to spread the word to your family, friends, and employees about the issues that impact you – and where candidates stand on them. Business owners are so well respected, and your personal recommendation will go a long way.

As NFIB President Brad Close has said:

“When you speak, people listen. And where you lead, America follows.”

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