Will Missouri Rein In Discrimination Lawsuits?

Date: May 02, 2017

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A bill nearing passage would help eliminate frivolous lawsuits for Missouri business owners. This is the latest move in what has been a concerted effort by the Legislature this session to improve the state’s legal climate.

Under the proposal, Senate Bill 43, workers bringing forward claims of discrimination in wrongful termination lawsuits would have to prove that bias was the explicit reason they were fired, rather than the current standard of proving that bias was a contributing factor in the termination.

The measure would also limit the protections given to whistleblowers and limit the punitive damages given to workers who prevail in workplace discrimination lawsuits. The amounts would be based on the size of the company: up to $500,000 for businesses with more than 500 employees; up to $200,000 for businesses with 200-500 employees; up to $100,000 for businesses with 100-199 employees; and up to $50,000 for businesses with 5-100 employees.

NFIB/MO supports SB 43. The business community has worked for many years to bring the state’s discrimination statutes more in line with federal law.

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