NFIB Members Attend White House Event Celebrating Small Business Owners

Date: April 19, 2018

Almost 50 American companies gathered in the White House’s Rose Garden for President Donald Trump’s “American Workers for Tax Reform” event last Thursday afternoon.

“This event is dedicated to you: the hardworking Americans who make our nation run,” President Trump said at the event according to the White House’s transcript. “You love your country, you provide for your family, you’re proud of everything you’ve done, you’ve got that great extra strength that other people don’t have, and you cherish a wonderful thing called our great American flag. …And now, because of our tax cuts, you can keep more of your hard-earned money.”

During the event, Trump also announced that he signed a memorandum to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to cut regulations for manufacturers.

“And I will say, this is about tax cuts today, but the cutting of regulations could have the same or even a bigger impact on our economy,” Trump said. “Nobody has ever seen anything like it.”

Several business owners and employees spoke at the event about the positive changes that they attribute to December’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Five NFIB-member businesses from Pennsylvania were invited to attend the event, as well.

“I thought it was wonderful,” said attendee and NFIB member Donna Partin, owner of three Merry Maids franchises based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. “It was great, and it was completely accurate. These tax cuts are having a profound effect on everyone all the way up the line. Hard working people are getting to keep their own money.”

Several people who spoke gave examples about how the tax cuts helped them. Several workers spoke of changes they were able to make in their personal lives. One women who owns a pizza shop talked about how she worked her way up from being a dishwasher to [being] the owner, and now she is expanding to another location.

Partin hopes to eventually raise wages for her 40-person operation, and purchase more equipment.   

“Hopefully my business will grow, because more people in the community should have more expendable income,” she said.  

NFIB member Cindi Heyen, president and owner of JED Pool Tools, also attended the event.  

“People are genuinely excited about the tax cuts,” Heyen said. “Some companies have already made changes to benefit their employees. President Trump mentioned he would removing some EPA regulations that can harm businesses but also added that the environment would still be protected.”

 Along with her husband Alan, Heyen bought JED Pool Tools from her father in 2005. Later, she merged with her father’s other business, Northeastern Plastic. She plans on continuing to grow her business.

“We have three third-generation employees now. We will be focused on growing the custom injection molding side, upgrading our machinery and improving processes,” she said. “We will be able to invest in the company.  We hope to be able to increase our employees’ wages and benefits also.”

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