Small Business Reset and Recovery: Digital Advertising for Small Businesses

Date: December 14, 2021

Learn more about the most effective ways to advertise

The fourth session of NFIB’s Small Business Reset and Recovery webinar series featured special guest Donna Botti, owner of Delos Incorporated in Philadelphia. She joined NFIB Research Center Executive Director Holly Wade and Legal Center Senior Executive Counsel Elizabeth Milito to discuss developing a marketing strategy with Facebook and Google ads.

“If you put all your core content on social media, it’s rented land,” Botti explained. “They make the rules about whether it’s shown or not. Social media increasingly, for businesses, has become an advertising platform.“

Botti explains the importance of building relationships with audiences to make the ads beneficial. It helps to have an understanding of the lifetime value of a customer to determine how much you want to pay for advertising.  

“It’s not enough to just run the ad, it’s what you do with the traffic you get from that,” Botti said.

Throughout the webinar, Botti explained the difference between organic versus paid traffic, how paid ads work, retargeting, measuring if an ad is worthwhile, and ended by answering questions.

“How well do you know your ideal client? Their demographics, what their questions are, what their interests are, what their values are, it’s really the key to all of this,” Botti said. “The more detailed you are on that the better the results you’re going to get and the more relevant the ad will be to the people that see it.”


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