NFIB realizes the importance of growing the right people with the right talent to secure its future. Talent retention and talent development are vital to executing our mission and realizing our vision. At NFIB you are a part of something BIG!

91% of employees agree that they work in a culture where their peers are supportive – NFIB Employee Survey

Celebrate Success and Have Fun!

Our employees are unique, passionate and dedicated to small business from the top down!

A Day with NFIB

Meet some of NFIB’s staff and learn more about their work. Find out why they think you should consider a career with NFIB as well.

“The thing I love most about NFIB is the way people believe in me. They gave me a chance when they hired me, then gave me the opportunity to grow through a promotion!”

- Jaqueline Dixon

Small Business Legal Center Program Coordinator

“I just came on board with NFIB, so getting a STAR Award that recognized my work was very encouraging, validating and meaningful to me. It also told me a lot about NFIB. It’s inspiring to know that as we are all working toward the same mission, managers are on the lookout for opportunities to recognize employees for doing great work.”

- Meagan Koontz

Creative Services Project Coordinator

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