West Virginia Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/West Virginia Legislative Victories
    Won an exemption in new health-insurance mandate for small businesses
    Lawmakers passed a bill requiring employers who offer health insurance benefits to include coverage for autism spectrum disorders. NFIB fought successfully to exempt businesses wtih 25 or fewer employers and cap coverage at $30, 000 a year.

    Held the line on unemployment base rate for small businesses
    NFIB worked with the governor's office and the legislature on ideas that will lower the unemployment rate and encourage lawmakers to adopt policies that encourage job creation and small business investment.

    Stopped West Virginia on mandatory overtime
    Thanks to NFIB's strong lobbying efforts, the mandatory overtime pay for any time worked over an 8-hour work day was defeated.

    One Stop Shop
    NFIB led the fight to simplify dealing with the state government via the "One Stop Shop" bill. Small businesses now have a single state website for dealing with regulatory and tax issues.

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