Nfib voting record In Washington

Voting Record in Washington

Download the small business voting record for 2014NFIB tracks the key legislative issues identified by our small business members every session and then we tabulate a score for each Washington lawmaker in the state House and state Senate. The NFIB voting record provides a critically important evaluation of a legislator's attitude toward small business based on floor votes. You won't find a more effective way to gauge the performance of politicians than examining their voting record.

While most elected officials claim to support small businesses, the NFIB voting record gives business owners and other citizens a picture of what your state representatives and state senators are up to in Olympia. Please thank those legislators who supported small business and continue to work with those who have fallen short.

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Thank you #waleg @SenatorAndyHill, @WashingtonMCC, noting economic "recovery" still slow for #smallbiz, rural areas. Not time for tax hikes.
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RT @AustinJenkinsN3: Sen Hill says his budget puts $1.3b toward satisfying McCleary ruling. Overall spends $1.2b less than House #waleg htt…
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RT @Jordan_Schrader: Republicans' budget rejects pay package @GovInslee negotiated with state workers. Gives flat dollar raises instead of …
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No new taxes makes #waleg @WashingtonMCC budget a quicker read, but three hours to see details before public hearing is still unacceptable.
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RT @OlympiaWatch: .@SenatorAndyHill press release on 2015-17 budget #waleg