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  • Small Business Applauds Brat for Sponsoring Bill to Delay OT RuleNFIB warns that Congress needs to act on overtime deadline before small business owners face potentially ruinous penalties.

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  • Infographic: Candidates Overlook Us, Small Business Owners SaySmall business seeks focus on taxes, the economy, and healthcare.

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  • Expand Medicaid to Fix Budget Shortfall?The math doesn't add up on Gov. McAuliffe's proposal.

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  • New Regulations Passed for Virginia Beach Rental MarketAirbnb hosts now must register with the city and pay 8 percent hotel tax.

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  • Should You Use Your Retirement Savings to Start a Business?The risks, the benefits, and the ways to go about using retirement savings to start a business.

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  • The Fight for $15 Comes to VirginiaA $15 minimum wage in Virginia would cost the state 221,000 jobs.

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