Vermont Small Business Victories


  • Unionization of Childcare WorkersNFIB vigorously opposed legislation in 2014 that would require child care workers to join a union and pay dues in order to obtain state subsidies for their clients; unnecessarily increasing the costs for these small business owners.

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  • Phased-in Minimum Wage IncreaseVermont law provided for automatic minimum wage increases every year since 2007, the House passed legislation that would have increased the minimum wage to $10.10 effective January 2015. But throughout months of debate, we were successful in phasing in the increase over four years (Effective 2015 to $9.15, in 2016 to $9.60, in 2017 to $10.00 and in 2018 to $10.50.

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  • Defeat of Mandatory Paid LeaveNFIB lead the effort to defeat legislation which would have mandated that 56 hours of earned paid time off be compensated to employees with benefits.

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