Vermont Small Business Victories


  • Defeated a 55% increase in the Employer Assessment Defeated a 55% increase in the Employer Assessment The EA was first imposed to fund subsidies for Catamount Health (CHP), which was eventually repealed, lawmakers used some of the $18 million raised via the EA to “fill the $3M budget gap”.

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  • Defeated $90 Million Payroll Tax Defeated $90 Million Payroll Tax The Governor proposed a plan that would have implemented a .7% payroll tax on employers to fund increased payments to health care providers.

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  • Defeat of Mandatory Paid Leave Defeat of Mandatory Paid Leave NFIB lead the effort to defeat legislation which would have mandated that 56 hours of earned paid time off be compensated to employees with benefits.

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  • Unionization of Childcare Workers Unionization of Childcare Workers NFIB vigorously opposed legislation in 2014 that would require child care workers to join a union and pay dues in order to obtain state subsidies for their clients; unnecessarily increasing the costs for these small business owners.

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