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Will Newton

Will Newton was named as the Texas state director for the National Federation of Independent Business in January 2005. He was named as the NFIB/Texas Executive Director in January 2007.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to the NFIB/Texas office with more 25 years of experience in Texas government and business association work. Newton most recently served as legislative liaison for the Texas Comptroller’s office.

"Working with the small-business owners of NFIB is extremely rewarding work," Newton said. "Small business owners are the backbone of the Texas economy and it is my honor to work on their behalf to make sure they are treated equally and fairly. My top priority is to make sure that the small business community is well represented before our elected decision makers in Austin."

Previously, Newton was the director of Governmental and Member Relations for the Texas Restaurant Association, where he was responsible for the group's public affairs activities, policy formulation, issue advocacy, fundraising and membership development.

Newton’s work experience includes stints in the Texas House of Representatives working for three state representatives and one state senator. His experience also includes work as a clerk for two committees in the Texas House.

Newton earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science from St. Edwards University. He resides in Austin and has two children, Chap and Ava Rose.

400 W. 15th St. #804
Austin, TX 78701

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400 W. 15th St. #804
Austin, TX



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