South Dakota Small Business News


  • March on Main Street Begins TomorrowNews Release--Organizers hoping millions of customers walk into small businesses across the nation.

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  • South Dakota Prepares for Small Business SaturdayNews Release--Main Street, mom-and-pop stores can advertise for free with NFIB, American Express.

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  • Would You Like To Talk To The Media?Opinions of NFIB members most highly regarded.

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  • Sen. Thune Talks With NFIB MembersTeleconference answers questions important to small business.

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  • Senator Thune Talks with South Dakota Small Business OwnersSenator John Thune speaks with South Dakota NFIB members about taxes, regulations and health care.

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  • YEF Scholarship Application Now Available OnlineYou can help give a South Dakota high school senior a head-start in college.

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