South Carolina Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/South Carolina Victories
    Stopped Undeserving Unemployment Benefits
    NFIB passed legislation that states anyone terminated with cause cannot receive unemployment benefits.
    Awarded Tax Credits for Business Investors
    NFIB helped pass the Small Business Access to Growth Act, which establishes state income tax credits for “angel investors” who provide capital for emerging “high-growth” enterprises in such areas as manufacturing, processing, warehousing, wholesaling, software development, and information technology services.
    Stopped Mandated Wage Garnishment
    Stopped legislation that would have forced employers to garnish wages that employees may owe to third parties.
    New Roads and Bridges With No New Small Business Taxes
    Convinced lawmakers to commit tens of millions of dollars for road and bridge improvements without raising taxes on small businesses.
    Meaningful Lawsuit Reform
    NFIB led the fight for comprehensive tort reform limiting the possibility of “frivolous lawsuits” against small businesses.

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