South Carolina Small Business Issues


  • Challenges Facing NFIB/South Carolina
    • Depreciation on personal property: Under existing state law, personal business property can never be fully depreciated. That means you're still paying taxes on a chair that might be 30 years old. We're working with the Department of Revenue to find a way to eliminate this tax.
    • Business license taxes: Cities and counties charge  fees for a business to operate within their borders. In some areas, such as Charleston, you could have as many as 40 different licenses costing tens of thousands of dollars. We support efforts to end this practice.
    • Garbage: We oppose an effort by county governments that want the exclusive right to collect trash in a county and not allow any outside waste to enter a county. This would create a government monopoly and drive up collection costs.
    • Drug testing for unemployment insurance: We support legislation that would disqualify people from collecting unemployment benefits if they flunk a pre-employment drug test.
    • Restore protections for limited liability companies: In 2012, the state Supreme Court said an LLC member could be held personally liabilty for construction defects. We support efforts to restore the protections LLC members had before the ruling.

    Updated July 11, 2013

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