Small Business Week

Every week is small business week at NFIB…

Always Small Business Week at NFIB

For the other 51 weeks of the year, NFIB is still hard at work putting small business first. Take advantage of all the other ways we continuously promote and protect your right to own, operate and grow your business:

How-To Articles–All the tips and info you need to run your small business. From finance help to sales advice to staffing, NFIB has you covered.

Member Benefits–As an NFIB member, you benefit from the purchasing power of all our members combined—that means incredible discounts on services and tools that will help your business grow.

Political Advocacy–NFIB delivers policy updates and analysis to help you understand the issues that matter most, from tax breaks to the economy to healthcare.

Video Programs–From member interviews, to updates from lawmakers on Capitol Hill, NFIB’s in-house studio gives you a front row seat to all that matters to small business.