North Carolina Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/North Carolina Legislative Victories

    Here’s a look at some of NFIB/North Carolina's victories in the 2012 Legislative session:

    • Regulatory reform: Won support for a Joint Regulatory Reform Committee to review and repealing unnecessary job-killing rules and regulations.
    • Health insurance mandates: Successfully opposed legislation requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees.
    • Tort reform: Worked with other groups to pass legislation that making it harder to bring lawsuits against small businesses.
    • Taxes: Passed legislation forcing state government to consider long-needed changes to the state tax structures.
    • Workers' compensation: Fought to level the playing field for small businesses when it comes to fighting bogus workers' comp claims.
    • Energy: Supported legislation to diversity energy production in the state.
    • Tax credit: Succeeded in winning approval of a $3,500 tax credit for small businesses.

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