North Carolina Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/North Carolina Legislative Victories
    Stopped Health Insurance Mandates
    • Successfully stopped 11 additional insurance mandates in 2014 from being passed which would have increased the costs of insurance for small business by over $300 per month
    • NFIB continues to stand strong on opposing any and all proposed insurance mandates in 2015 along with numerous other business associations

    Provided Unemployment Insurance Relief
    • Saved employers tens of millions of dollars in interest owed to the federal government from the $2.8 billion UI debt from the recession
    • Reduced the number of paid UI weeks and the amount from $535 to $350

    Championed Regulatory Reform
    • Won support for a joint Regulatory Reform Committee to review and repeal unnecessary job-killing rules and regulations costing small businesses hundreds of millions annually
    • Successfully opposed legislation requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees

    Coordinated Major Tax Reform Efforts
    • Ensured that the corporate tax rate be reduced from 6.9% to 5% by 2015
    • Reduced the personal income tax rate from 7.75% to a flat 5.9%
    • Repealed the “death tax”, saving family businesses
    • Prevented additional services in the state from being taxed to provide revenue for tax reform cuts

    Successful Workers’ Compensation Reform
    • NFIB fought to level the playing field for small businesses when it comes to fighting bogus workers’ compensation claims

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