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North Carolina

Lawmakers Stuck on Medicaid, Teacher Pay

Other issues pending in the General Assembly include four new health-insurance mandates that would raise costs for small busine...

North Carolina

Tell the State How to Make Things Better for Small Business!

The North Carolina Government Efficiency and Reform initiative has launched a website where anyone can submit ideas about how t...


Do You Know How NFIB Decides Which Candidates to Endorse?

Our endorsements are limited to the candidates' positions on small-business issues. Our political action committees don't consi...


Congress Urged to Pass Small-Business Tax Bill

The bill would let employers deduct the full value of new equipment and capital improvements immediately instead of over a peri...

North Carolina

NC Entrepreneurs Earn Small Business Champion Awards

The award is presented to NFIB members who go the extra mile to help us promote and protect the right of our members to own, op...

North Carolina

Governor Signs Bill Repealing Local Privilege Taxes

Starting in 2015, businesses can no longer be assessed a tax for the "privilege" of doing business in a community.

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