Hear from the President

Q1: Why does the government always pick on small healthcare providers? They never seem to care how government regulators are ruining our business.

Answer from Dan Danner:

Q2: What’s your take on immigration reform and how would it benefit small businesses?

Answer from Dan Danner:

Our members tell us that immigration reform is needed. We need a system that secures the borders, addresses the current visa system, and works fairly for small business.

One of the major concerns for our small business owners is how the proposed E-verify system will work for them. We want to make sure the system recognizes the difference between big and small businesses, whether it’s a fee and fine structure that reflects business size, or ensuring that small business owners who follow the law aren’t punished for government errors.

Small businesses are always concerned about competing for quality employees, and they do hope that there is an immigration system that is equitable and fair and works for them.

Q3: What advice can you offer small business owners as they prepare for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act?

Answer from Dan Danner:


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