Missouri Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/Missouri Legislative Victories
    Here's a look at some of our recent victories in the Missouri Legislature:

    Tax Reform
    NFIB members were delighted last year when the General Assembly overrode the Governor’s veto of a comprehensive tax relief bill. The first phase of the bill is expected to go into effect in 2016 and will have an impact on all small businesses regardless of how they are organized. These cuts will continue for the next five years provided state income out-paces expenditures.  

    Unemployment Insurance
    During the recent recession, Missouri was paying out more in unemployment claims than it was taking in from Missouri employers. At one point, Missouri owed the feds almost $800 million. Missouri employers were assessed a per employee tax increase to pay the amount. A bill was passed and signed this year that would tighten the definition of “misconduct” as well as make some other procedural changes which should save the unemployment trust fund money going forward. The good news is the state has re-paid the feds in full and the assessments against Missouri employers have stopped.  

    Workers’ Compensation Reform
    NFIB and a coalition of business groups worked out a compromise that will stabilize the second injury fund while at the same time implementing much needed reforms to that program. This year the Department of Insurance is recommending a 4.4% decrease in premiums. 

    Medical Mal Practice Reform
    Three years ago, the Missouri Supreme Court threw out Missouri’s non-economic caps for malpractice cases. The result of that action would eventually mean higher malpractice insurance premiums for doctors and an overall increase in the cost of health care. A compromise was reached this session to restore those caps which should help to stabilize costs and physician availability.   

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