Missouri Small Business Issues


  • Challenges Facing NFIB/Missouri
    Right to Work
    NFIB members have said in two different ballots that they support Right to Work in Missouri. For the first time, the Missouri General Assembly passed a Right to Work bill and sent it to the governor. The governor has promised to veto the bill which will set up a showdown in September when the legislators come back to Jefferson City for their annual veto session. Small business owners are encouraged to call their House and Senate members and encourage them to override the governor’s veto. 

    Minimum Wage Preemption
    Seattle now has a $15-an-hour minimum wage. In an effort to keep any communities in Missouri from following suit, the legislature passed a bill that would prohibit municipalities from passing any ordinances that would require employers to pay a minimum wage higher than that which has been set by the state or federal government. The governor has not acted on this bill as of yet so we are encouraging our members to contact his office and encourage him to sign the bill.  

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  • Protect Your Business from Hefty Obamacare FinesIf you reimburse your employees for healthcare, new IRS penalties could be coming for you.

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