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Ron AldridgeRon Aldridge
NFIB/Mississippi State Director

NFIB/Mississippi's state director is Ron Aldridge, a third-generation former state legislator, practicing attorney, tree farmer and former co-owner of a small retail bakery. As state director for more than 11 years and with a total of over 16 years lobbying experience, he provides a proactive voice for Mississippi's small business owners.

The following story stands as a testament to Aldridge's hard work with NFIB: A few years ago several member appliance store owners couldn't compete against an electric utility-owned competitor. After his investigation of federal records, Aldridge exposed that the utility's retail operations were consistently losing money. He orchestrated a public relations campaign that left their stockholders and Mississippi rate payers wondering who was paying for this loss. This resulted in the utility selling off the chain to a small-business owner.

Aldridge recently obtained a state income tax deduction for self-employed health insurance costs that resulted in an initial annual tax savings of $1.5 million and an ever-increasing savings of over $4 million by 2007. NFIB's presence at the capitol also resulted in a $6 million annual savings to all taxpayers when Aldridge testified against the phone company giants' quest to get their taxes reformed. NFIB is also taking a lead role in fighting for repeal of the business personal property and inventory tax

Aldridge explained, "Our focus is also fighting against government attempts to get bigger and bigger with a new state Department of Labor and with government-run day care which unfairly competes with NFIB members. NFIB has also taken a lead with 10 percent of our state legislators being NFIB members."

In addition to lobbying, Aldridge is also representing the interests of small business owners as a member of the following statewide boards: Workforce Investment (training) Board, appointed by Gov. Haley Barbour; Mississippi Department of Employment Security Advisory Council; State Obesity Council; State Recycling Task Force; Mississippi Recycling Coalition as state treasurer; and Keep Mississippi Beautiful as vice president.

NFIB took a lead role the past few years in successfully getting passed in 2004 the most comprehensive tort reform legislation in the nation. Aldridge continues to serve as state treasurer and on the Executive Board of Mississippians For Economic Progress, which is the tort reform coalition of the business and medical communities that spearheaded this effort.

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