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More of your customers are paying with a credit or debit card. Save more on every transaction.

TransFirst has earned the trust of more than 10,000 NFIB members nationwide to manage their transactions securely and reliably.

  • NFIB members saved an average of $1,200 annually.
  • Let us show you with a FREE analysis and savings comparison
  • 80% of members found savings
  • Member-exclusive discounts on all payment processing options

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To access these deals call (800) 619-5301 or fax your last merchant statement to 866-744-6492 for the free savings analysis. (Have your NFIB membership number ready.)

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80 Percent of NFIB members who switch to Transfirst credit card processing SAVE!

Christen Black wanted to help her family-owned small business, started by her grandpa in 1956,find a way to trim out hidden costs in Blacco Splicing & Rigging Loft’s credit card processing. With TransFirst, she ended up saving $7,000.

She received a new processing device from TransFirst, and switched to its services. She says the move will save $7,000 in 2014 alone. Black was so impressed that she wrote to TransFirst to say thanks. “I have been working with Brooke Myatt on our account and she has been great!” she wrote. “She is knowledgeable, has a very positive attitude, and has been wonderful to work with, making this a very pleasant experience.”

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Are you Ready for EMV?

Receive a $200 equipment credit on EMV-ready Terminals and let
TransFirst help you take control of your EMV status.

Beginning October 2015, all businesses that process credit cards must use an EMV-compatible terminal.

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PCI Compliance
What You Need to Know

PCI Compliance: It’s Required, and It’s Good for Your Business
PCI Compliance: The First Line of Defense for Your Business


Learn How One NFIB Member Saved $7000 With Transfirst