Maintenance, Repair and Office Supplies

Exclusive NFIB Savings on Grainger Products

Discounts Ranging up to 24% Off Catalog Pricing on Select Products

NFIB Member Discounts and Benefits Include:

  • Minimum 5% discount off catalog pricing
  • Hundreds of items with additional discounts including seasonal items and commonly purchased office and break room supplies
  • Free standard shipping on stocked, catalog items*

For more information, call 866-873-6529

Benefits of Grainger:

  • 99% of all orders received by 4pm deliver the following day
  • One stop sourcing program for all of your MRO Parts and Supplies
  • 420 local branches

*Other freight charges¬† will be incurred for services such as expedited delivery, air freight, freight collect, sourced orders, export orders, hazardous materials, buyer’s carrier, shipments outside the contiguous U.S. or other special handling by the carrier.



Amy Woolsey
Librandi’s Machine Shop Inc

The value was exactly what was presented and Grainger has exceeded my expectations. Grainger is an exceptional partner and I would recommend them to any other business. I get free shipping on all of my orders and don’t have to worry about additional fees. With a huge minimum discount, I know I am saving every time I place an order. Not all discount programs give you the ability to save any way you choose to purchase; online, via phone, or at your local Grainger store. You always want someone to go above and beyond for your business, Andrew Van Kuren, Grainger, & NFIB did just that.


 Ryan Uhrynowich
Harmony Heating Corp

I can place my orders anytime and know that it will be shipped to my store free of charge. Grainger has delivered the value that was presented and while exceeding my expectations. I would recommend the Grainger discount program through NFIB to anyone looking to inquire. Kevin Mccullough went above and beyond for my business and made sure Grainger did the same.

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