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  • Scheduling Restrictions Scheduling Restrictions NFIB is fighting against a move to impose restrictions on the use of flexible scheduling by retail businesses and dictate union-like rules on benefits for part-time workers and use of temporary staffing services.

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  • Economic Growth Climate Economic Growth Climate NFIB continues to press for more focus on broadly attracting business investment, stimulating job growth, improving economic performance, building a better business climate, and increasing the number of pro-business legislators. The recent debate over allowing businesses faster depreciation – that detractors labeled a “tax giveaway” – illustrates the challenge of uninformed legislators.

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  • Workers' Compensation Battles Workers' Compensation Battles NFIB is working to protect business owners from renewed attempts by labor unions and their trial lawyer friends to advance legislation that would raise the cost of benefits and inject more disputes over the settlement of injury claims. Maine ranked 4th highest in the nation for the 2009-2012 increase in benefit costs per $100 of covered wages.

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  • State Fiscal Policy Reform State Fiscal Policy Reform NFIB is working to educate lawmakers on the need for spending reform at the state and municipal levels, so that any tax reform enacted does not make excessive spending a bigger problem, and educating lawmakers on the importance of more private sector jobs and business investment as a critical component of fiscal policy.

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  • Expanded Workplace Control Expanded Workplace Control NFIB is fighting to defeat various attempts to expand reasons an employee may demand time off from work, including months of unpaid leave, as well as fighting against restrictions on screening employees who might pose a financial risk to a business.

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  • Surtax on the “Wealthy” Surtax on the “Wealthy” NFIB is gearing up to fight against a citizens’ initiative to impose a 3% surcharge on taxable incomes above $200,000 which would give Maine one of the highest top income tax rates in the nation and make it more difficult to attract business owners and high-income jobs to Maine.

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