Louisiana Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/Louisiana Legislative Victories
    Helped Pass Laws to Keep Business Owners Out of Court
    NFIB helped kill several bills that would have made it easier to sue business owners, bills that would have:
    • Liberalized whistle-blower laws
    • Made it easier to sue for excluding someone from a business’s auto insurance
    • Relaxed requirements to participate in a class action lawsuit
    • Made it easier to sue anyone who had done business with the state
    • Made it legal for someone suing a business owner to receive wages and attorney’s fees for alleged acts of discrimination
    • Allowed a business owner to be sued if someone was hurt on their property even if they had no contact with the business owner

    Led the Efforts to Stop 'Ban The Box'
    NFIB led efforts to stop the “Ban The Box” removing business owners ability to ask questions of criminal history
    during the application process.

    Led Efforts to Stop an Increase in Minimum Wage
    NFIB pushed to stop legislation that would have mandated an increses in the minimum wage.

    Helped Pass Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Legislation
    NFIB helped pass comprehensive workers‘ compensation legislation that will allow workers and employers to work
    out payment disputes without having to go to court, potentially saving business owners thousands of dollars in
    penalties and attorney’s fees.

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