Kentucky Small Business Victories


  • Small Business Victories in Kentucky

    Here's a look at some of NFIB/Kentucky's recent victories in the General Assembly:

    Stopped 'Up-the-Ladder' Workers' Comp Premiums

    NFIB members have reported receiving "surprise" costs on their workers' compensation premiums when it is discovered that their subcontractors cancelled coverage for their workers. NFIB Kentucky led the way in the creation of a system of electronic notification if a subcontractor makes a change to their WC policy. When the system is launched, there will be a procedure to enter the WC policy number of the subcontractor and receive email notifications of cancellations. This new system will potentially save tens of thousands of dollars.

    Defeated Legislation That Would Have Doubled Workers' Comp Attorney's Fees.

    NFIB/Kentucky members were key to the defeat of Senate Bill 137, which would have dramatically have increased worker's comp premiums by doubling the cap on attorney's fees. The bill had no provisions to offset the increases by providing other areas of relief for employers.  

    Opened Competitive Market for Household Movers

    Since the 1950's Kentucky has had in place a system where those applying for a Household Movers' license had their application sent to companies already in business. The potential competitors had the opportunity to object to the new license application, blocking new companies from entering the marketplace. After a two-year battle, NFIB was able to get legislation passed that opens the market to entrepreneurs. 

    PHOTO: Kittugwiki/Wikimedia Commons

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