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    Killed efforts to repeal the small business income tax exemption. With Kansas facing an over $700 million budget deficit, legislators made multiple attempts to repeal the small business income tax exemption to help pay for government spending.  NFIB/Kansas was successful in beating back theses attempts which could have resulted in an over $200 million income tax increase on the state’s small business job creators.

    Killed attempts to dramatically increase the state sales tax. In addition to proposals to fill the budget gap with small business income tax increases, there were multiple attempts to radically raise the state sales tax. One proposal would have increased the sales tax to over 7%, making the Kansas rate the highest in the nation. Kansas retailers would have been put at an extreme disadvantage to neighboring retailers.

    Passed major reform of the unemployment insurance system. NFIB/Kansas helped shape legislation that will move employers from an erratic, arrayed UI tax system, to a stable, fixed system. The new law, which should save positive balanced employers millions over time, will provide predictability and stability for small businesses that pay UI taxes. Additionally, the new law eliminates the indexing of weekly UI benefits. Kansas has had the 9th highest benefit amount in the nation. This new law eliminates the automatic spiraling and will save employers tax dollars.

    Killed attempts to expand Medicaid.

    Killed attempts to increase the minimum wage and efforts to mandate paid leave, etc.

    Killed attempts to roll back recent cost-saving reforms to our worker’s compensation laws.

    Beat back a bill that would have required employers to submit detailed information concerning contractors or newly hired contractors to the secretary of labor. This unprecedented government mandate would have cost small businesses time and money. The bill could have lead to an overreach in government involvement in the hiring practices of small businesses.

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