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  • Regulation Nation: A Look at Obama’s LegacyThe current administration's unprecedented number of rules includes major legislative pieces that have had huge financial impacts on small business.

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  • How Far Does a Dollar Go in Indiana in 2016?Study ranks states on how much $100 will buy

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  • 5 Biggest Small Business Loan MistakesBorrowing can help fuel growth, but these errors can damage your chances for success.

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  • Beyond Boosting: Facebook Advertising for BusinessNFIB Indiana is coming to a city near you! Join us and Element212 as we walk you through creating Facebook advertising for your small business.

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  • Tim Kaine: Friend or Foe to Small Business?The VP nominee has backed a minimum wage hike but has also fought the estate tax. Where else does he stand?

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  • Here’s a Look Inside Indiana’s Stellar Jobs ReportIndiana latest employment report has good news for small businesses

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