Illinois Small Business Victories


  • NFIB/Illinois Legislative Victories
    Stopped Mandatory Retirement Plans for Small Business
    NFIB/Illinois led the coalition to stop aggressive efforts that would have forced small business owners to set up state-administered IRA accounts for all full and part-time workers. 

    Doubled The Illinois Death-Tax Exemption
    NFIB was a driving force in raising the Death Tax Exemption from $2 million to $4 million. 
    Reduced Unemployment Insurance Tax Cost, Stopped UI Tax Increase
    NFIB helped negotiate a $400 million cut in unemployment insurance taxes for Illinois employers and stopped a $1.2 billion new federal UI tax.
    Streamlined Paperwork for Environmental Regulations
    NFIB worked with other business groups on the Registration of Smaller Sources (ROSS) program that decreases the cost and paperwork burden under the Clean Air Act.
    Repealed Partnership Tax Increase
    NFIB was part of a coalition that helped repeal a 50% tax hike on partnerships.
    Passed Law Protecting Small Business From Unfair Penalties
    Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation backed by NFIB to give business owners protection from fines and penalties when proper notice of prevailing wage requirements is not provided.

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