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  • Prevailing Wage Bill Passes SenateThe pro-union measure had bipartisan support.

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  • Small Business Voice: ‘Mandated Paid Leave Would Be a Bookkeeping Nightmare’A look at HB3297 and SB2147's impact on an Illinois small business owner.

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  • Legislature Considering 3 Constitutional AmendmentsProgressive income tax, legislative boundaries, and Lt. Gov. role up for discussion.

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  • Plan to Replace Illinois’ Flat Tax Finds Support in the LegislatureMeanwhile, a proposed "millionaire tax" amendment went nowhere in the House.

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  • Special Ballot Shows NFIB Members Overwhelmingly Opposed Mileage TaxThe sponsor withdrew the bill in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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  • NFIB Scorecard Proves Garland Is Not a Friend of Small BusinessNFIB examined Judge Garland's decisions in hundreds of cases, and the findings shatter the claim that the Supreme Court nominee is a down-the-middle moderate. The full scorecard details Garland's anti-business decisions, and the "quick facts" version provides an overview of his record.

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