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  • Challenges Facing NFIB/Illinois

    The 2014 legislative session is months away, but NFIB/Illinois is already looking ahead to the issues likely to face small-business owners like you:

    • Income Tax: The massive 67% income tax increase passed in 2011 is scheduled to sunset in 2015. We will work aggressively to stop an effort by Governor Pat Quinn and some lawmakers to make the tax increase permanent. 
    • Progressive Tax: There is a serious push by some lawmakers to get rid of Illinois’ flat income tax and make it a graduated income tax in order to force the “rich” to pay even more of their income in taxes. NFIB/Illinois opposes this measure as it will hurt many small business owners who use their personal income to invest in their business and create jobs.  It will reduce jobs, reduce Illinois’ economic input and hurt the middle class the most.
    • Threatened Minimum Wage Increase: We will oppose attempts to hike Illinois’ minimum wage to $10 and hour and tie the wage to the consumer price index, allowing for annual, automatic wage increases.   
    • Sales Tax on Service and Labor: We expect another concerted effort to institute a sales tax on service and labor, likely to be promoted under the guise of “tax reform.”
    • Mandated Paid Sick Leave: We anticipate renewed efforts to pass a seven-day paid sick leave mandate on small businesses with no exemptions for business size, covering both full- and part-time workers.
    • Workers’ Compensation Reform: NFIB/Illinois will continue to work on real reforms to the Illinois’ workers' comp system, such as a job-related causation standard and elimination of doctor-shopping.

    Updated July 23, 2013

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